SLMQG Spotlight: Jaime Casselbury

BySarah Watts

SLMQG Spotlight: Jaime Casselbury

Next up in our Member Spotlight series, meet Jaime Casselbury! Jaime always brings a smile and a fresh edge to our quilty community. Read on to get up close and personal with Jaime. 





Jaime Casselbury, 
Quilty Stats:
Instagram handle: jmzblond
Favorite quilty trend (obsession): Rainbows
Favorite color: Rainbows


Q: How did you get started quilting?

A: I got started sewing with my grandmother. She made the old-fashioned tied quilts. I only sewed clothes for my Barbies back then, but that led to costumes and pieced quilts. My tastes didn’t jive with the traditional fabrics and settings and that led me to the modern world.

Q: Favorite sewing notion?

A: Wonder clips! I don’t think I can make a project without them and am loving that they come in a rainbow of colors now.


Q: What’s on your design wall?

 Q: What do you stitch with?

 Q: Favorite quilty trend?

A: My favorite quilts trend would have to be rainbows. Is that a trend? I love them!

 Q: Favorite quilty personality?

A: Angela Walters! She is amazing on air and fantastic in person.

Q: Any quilty techniques you want to learn or try out?

A: I recently taught myself to thread baste hexies. Doesn’t sound like much but I’ve used glue since the beginning and it’s much more time consuming to go needle+thread. I’m looking to tackle the Violet Craft EPP Lion next.

Q: What are some of your favorite projects you finished?

Q: Do you retreat?

A: First retreat was the first Sewtopia here in SLC. That’s where I met peeps from the SLMQG (!!!!!) and I’ve been to every one since.

Q: What are your favorite non-quilt projects to make?

A: Outside of quilts I love making bags. I’ve made lots of pouches and a few harder bags, including the infamous Weekender by Amy Butler.


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